ITAF Archive 2014-2012

ARCHIVE 2014,2013 and 2012



ITAF2014 was broadcasted 14.8.-14.9.2014 in ARD Text (p.850 >), ORF TELETEXT and ORF III TELETEXT (p.470 >), Swiss Text (p.750 >) and arte Teletext (p.700 >)

The festival and an ITAF2014 exhibition was opened on August 14th in Berlin at the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb). The works were be displayed on screens acomppanied by a selection of works from ITAF2012-13 as prints. Artists included: Nadine Arbeiter, Kim Asendorf, Michaël Borras a.k.a Systaime, Max Capacity, Paul B. Davis, Maria Duncker, Dragan Espenschied, Dan Farrimond, Kathrin Günter, Anne Horel, Brendan Howell, Francis Hunger, Juha van Ingen, Marc Lee, Jürg Lehn, LIA, Raquel Meyers, Erkka Nissinen, Rich Oglesby, Seppo Renvall, Alex Rich, Jarkko Räsänen, Amanda Siegel and Kari Yli-Annala

The opening continued From 8:00 pm -> at Z-Bar with: Lo-tech teletext art video mix + Chiptune Music presented by FixC cooperative + 14.8.

The opening of ITAF2014 also marked the broadcasting of Dragan Espenschieds “Lucky Cat” as the first artwork presented in the Museum of Teletext Art MUTA.

+ Pop-up Gallery at IFA Berlin (ARD Digital, Halle 2.2)

The audience was invited to participate in ITAF in the House by taking pictures of ITAF2014 atworks on TV-screens in private and public spaces. A selection was presented in ORF finisage MuseumsQuartier Vienna and Media Art Up event at The Cable Factory, Helsinki( with Lo-fi teletext art on video + Chip tunes by Jarkko Räsänen)

The Teletext Art Prize was given to Dan Farrimond

Special Teletext Art Achievement Award went to Raquel Meyers

Honorary mentions were given to  Amanda Siegel, Kim Asendorf and Francis Hunger

The jury members were:

Artist Kathrin Günter. Winner of Teletext Art Prize 2013

Media archaeologist and lecturer Erkki Huhtamo. Erkki Huhtamo is known as a founding figure of media archaeology. He has published extensively on media culture and media arts, lectured worldwide, given stage performances, curated exhibitions, and directed TV programs. He is a professor at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Departments of Design Media Arts, and Film, Television, and Digital Media. His most recent book is Illusions in Motion. Media Archaeology of the Moving Panorama and Related Spectacles (The MIT Press, 2013). Special thanks to: Sanara Creations Microtel a project created by Lektrolab Matti Rämö, YLE, Finnish national broadcasting company ORF Teletext Julia Gessl ARD Text Frauke Languth Z-Bar Supported by: The Finnish Film Foundation Arts Promotion Centre Finland

The participating artists in ITAF2014 (* for artist info see ITAF2012-13):

Paul B. Davis

Art In Here

Paul is an artist and lecturer, currently living and working in London, UK. Paul pioneered the use of video game cartridges as an artistic medium and created the first hacked video game artworks. –

Francis Hunger*


Anne Horel

Internet Acronyms:wtf, stfu, omg, lol, ily

Anne Horel is a French protean artist born in 1984. *Collage artist*, *GIF maker and videographer*, *singer*,*performer*, and *part time unicorn* who works primarily on the *Internet* and especially *social networks*. *Compulsive consumer of all types of audio and visual stimuli*, *Collage-with-a-large C* is her preferred mode of expression. Weaned on television, video games, Internet (and its precursor, the French counterpart Minitel), Horel is marked with the seal of channel-*surfing culture*, symptomatic of the generation that came of age in the apocalyptic wake of the Y2K bug scare. A graduate with honours of the National Superior Art School of Paris Cergy, she was also selected for the Salon de Montrouge in 2011. She does segments on a French TV show about Web 2.0 culture, L’Oeil de Links. She also has a radio show about the Internet culture on an underground web-based station in Paris: Radiomarais

Amanda Siegel


Amanda Siegel (b. 1990, Los Angeles, CA) is an experimental film and video artist interested in the psychology of secrets. She recently studied art at the Cooper Union in New York City and refuses to accept the obsolescence of analog technology. Her output primarily takes the form of abstract documentary film, music video and live visual displays. Her time-based works are put through a black hole of format conversions to convolute the analog-digital boundary and divorce nostalgia. Amanda is a disciple of extreme music and collects dongles.

Raquel Meyers*

Thread of Fate

Nadine Arbeiter

Two is better than one

Nadine Arbeiter lives and works in Düsseldorf. In her paintings, posterprints, objects and videos she deals with identities, role models, stereotypes and self-dramatization.

Kim Asendorf


Kim Asendorf is a conceptual artist and works in a large area of media and digital related art. He loves to transport things from the Internet into real life and back. Kim did several net art projects, often based on data taken from the Internet or gathered from other individuals through the Internet. He works very experimental with generative strategies, physical computing, data and glitch. Most of his works leads into installations, sculptures, visualizations and abstract geometric art, but also into applications, animated gifs or noisy sounds. In 2010 he coined the term “pixel sorting”, an algorithmic image manipulation process with unique results. Born in 1981 in Achim, near Bremen. Trained as an industrial electrician in 1999 at Daimler. Studied four semesters of computer science at Technical University of Bremen. From 2006 to 2011 he studied at the School of Art and Design Kassel with a focus on Media & Social Hacking, Net.Art & New Media Art and Creative Coding. Kim lives and works in Berlin.

Dan Farrimond*

An Alternative History of Teletext: 1920, 1953, 1968, TXTPunk

Jürg Lehni in collaboration with Alex Rich

Problematic Patterns and

Jürg Lehni works collaboratively across disciplines, dealing with the nuances of technology, tools and the human condition. His works often take the form of platforms and scenarios for production, such as the drawing machines Hektor, Rita and Viktor, as well as software-based structures and frameworks, including Paper.js, Scriptographer and Lehni has shown work internationally in group and solo shows at the MoMA New York, Walker Art Center,, Centre Pompidou, Institute of Contemporary Arts London, Victoria and Albert Museum, Design Museum London, Kunsthalle St. Gallen, etc. He runs an independent practise in Switzerland since 2002, but has lived and worked in many places around the globe: As the Arts Council Visiting Professor at the UCLA Department of Design Media Arts in 2012 ~ 2013, running his own studio in London in 2008 ~ 2011, on a Swiss Design Awards residency in New York in 2007, and on a research residency at Sony SET Studio in Tokyo in 2006.

Alex Rich, born 1975, Caerphilly, Wales, studied at Goldsmiths College and Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, London (graduated 1997) and lives and works in Cardiff, South Wales. Working collaboratively across disciplines, his work often takes the form of interventions into everyday life in projects which are improvised, subtle and absurdist.


Untitled-1, Untitled-2, Untitled-3, Untitled-4, Untitled-5

Brendan Howell

Proximal Future

Brendan Howell was born in Manchester, Connecticut, USA in 1976. He is an artist and a reluctant engineer who has created various software works and interactive electronic inventions. Currently, he lives in Berlin, Germany.


Michaël Borras a.k.a Systaime

Angel, Dance, Dollars, Horse, Love

Artist of the multimedia and the networks, Michaël Borras A.K.A Systaime is the founder of the movement French Trash Touch (created in 1995, stopped in 2003), member of » the international échantillonniste », he is an important actor of the international alternative artistic network, the digital art and the art in network. Michaël Borras works on numerous international artistic events as producer, organizer, speaker, art curator. In 2011, he is the inspirator and the founder of the Spamm, the Museum of the Super Modern Arts. Since 2012, he is also a commentator for the emission l’Oeil de Links broadcasted on Chaine Canal+. In March 2013, he organizes the exhibition Spamm Cupcake in New York at invitation of Marc Brown. In July, 2013, He realizes the clip » Sexodrome » for Asia Argento and creates the visuals for the show » entropy Total » in Silencio the David Lynch’s exclusive club in Paris. In the end of July, 2013, He organizes with Miyö Van Stenis and Helena Acosta, the exhibition SPAMM Dulce in the museum of contemporary art of Caracas in Venezuela.


+ Artists from FixC cooperative out of competition:

Jarkko Räsänen*

ctrl+alt+cmd+8, Heinola, ???, Bambi, )Ö(


Seppo Renvall*

No Cigarette In Rio Carniva, The Indigenous Peoples of Amazon On Burning Coals, White Hat At Night In Ipanema


Kari Yli-Annala*

9999 percent


Juha van Ingen*

” Sugar is the opium of the people”: Sugar


Erkka Nissinen*



20.3.-22.4.2014 in Yle Teletext (pages 525 – 541) and exhibition in FISH Gallery Helsinki. ITAF YLE 2014 was produced incollaboration with Yleisradio, Finnish Broadcasting Company. The festival program included an exhibition of works by Kathrin Günter, the winner of Teletext Art Prize2013 and a video compillation of ITAF Yle teletext-art works with a soundtrack by Uli Mayr including “Das Atom im Videotextreich” by Dragan Espenschied’s Eurodance band, Bodenständig 2000. The ITAF Yle opening event also marked the founding of The Museum of Teletext Art, MUTA. Opening program: ITAF lo-tech teletext art videomix acompanied by chiptune music played by Jarkko Räsänen in Restaurant Sandron kulma. ITAF Yle was supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland TAIKE and Goethe-Institut Finnland Special thanks to: Frauke Langguth, ARD Text / Julia Gessl, ORF TELETEXT /Microtel a project created by Lektrolab /Matti Rämö, YLE, Finnish national broadcasting company / Katrin Rosalind Bucher Trantow, Kunsthaus Graz / Michaela Wimplinger, Ars Electronica The artists and broadcasted artworks were the same as in The International Teletext Art Festival ITAF 2013



15.8.-15.9.2013 in ARD Text from page 850, ORF TELETEXT from page 470 and SWISS TELETEXT pages 750-764 on SRF 1, RTS 1 and RSI 1

The festival opened on August 15th in Berlin at the ARD Hauptstadtstudio exhibition space were the ITAF works were  displayed untill the 15th September and continued in Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo with some program.

The following day ITAF continued with a Teletext Cocktailparty in Musterzimmer Showroom for Contemporary Art.

ITAF2013 was also be in the program of Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria, 5.9.-9.9.2013

The first Teletext Art Prize was awarded (The FixC member artists were not participating in the competition):

The winner was Kathrin Günter with her image series ” Lindsay Lohan’s Mug Shot Cabinet”

Honorary mentions were given to Raquel Meyers, Daniel Egg and Dragan Espenschied

Peoples choice winners: Dragan Espenschieds “Lucky Cat” LIAs serie “Black and White” John Lawrences serie “Connecting People”

Jury members:

Paul B. Davis Paul is an artist and lecturer, currently living and working in London, UK. Paul pioneered the use of video game cartridges as an artistic medium and created the first hacked video game artworks.

Rosa Menkman Rosa is a Dutch artist/theorist who focuses on visual artifacts created by accidents in both analogue and digital media. In 2011 Rosa wrote the Glitch Moment/um, a book on the exploitation and popularization of glitch artifacts.

Voin de Voin Voin de Voin (Berlin) was born in 1978 in Sofia. Studied theatre art in Amsterdam and Paris. Graduated with a master degree from DasArts, Amsterdam. He works in the field of contemporary art and performance.

Artists and works (* for artist info see ITAF2012):

Max Capacity*

Brain, City X1, Vulture, City X2, Goons

Cordula Ditz*


Daniel Egg

DUST and SCRATCHES (From two films of the Austrian avantgarde-filmmaker Kurt Kren)

Daniel Egg (Austria, born 1973) lives and works in Vienna. Since 1994 he shows a number of works in the media photography, film, video and installation. Daniel Egg was presented inter alia in art exhibitions at the Kunstraum Innsbruck, the Neue Galerie Graz, the ZKM Karlsruhe, the MoMa in Helsinki, the Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen, the Kunsthalle Wien and the ICA Philadelphia.

Dragan Espenschied

Lucky Cat, Netscape Now!, Sparkle

Home Computer Folk musician, Internet Artist, Geocities researcher, Palm Pilot Cartoonist, expert on the Digital Vernacular.

Dan Farrimond*

Sweet Rockall, Goodtimes, Teletext Passport, Teletextart, Treasure Hunt



Goto80 (Sweden) is “the most prolific chip music artist” (Computer Music Magazine) who explores methods, styles and formats like there’s no tomorrow. The improvised audiovisual text mode ambience of 2SLEEP1 (2011), the falsetto salad-rock TV-performance (2010) and the eatable Acid Burger (2008) shows his passion for techno-craft and futuribles. He works with for example electronica, house acid wonk, schlager rock, electro, drum n’ bass and grind pop.

Kathrin Günter*

Lindsay Lohan’s Mug Shot Cabinet

Manuel Knapp


The Austrian artist Manuel Knapp (born 1980) is a multi-talented creative. He studied painting and graphic art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and computer music and electroacoustic media at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Knapp regularly shows intense noise performances together with colleagues from the avant-garde music scene, while he presents his computer animated experimental films alongside exhibitions at international film and music festivals. Manuel Knapp lives and works in Vienna and Tokyo.

John Lawrence

Connecting People

John Lawrence (b.1981, UK) employs a range of tactics and techniques within his work which ranges from large-scale video installation to a radio-play written for one performer. Recent show’s include For What It Is with Roy Voss, Andor Gallery, London, and Original Carbon Copy, Fold Gallery, London. He studied at the Royal Academy Schools, London.

Marc Lee

Breaking News

b.1969 Switzerland creates network-oriented interactive projects since 1999. Experimenting with information and communication technologies, his projects locate and critically discuss economic, political, cultural and creative “issue-clusters” that are essential for communication processes in digital networks. Marc Lee has exhibited in major new media art exhibitions including: ZKM Karlsruhe, New Museum New York, Transmediale Berlin, Ars Electronica Linz, Contemporary Art Biennale Sevilla, Viper and Shift Basel, Read_Me Festival Moskow, CeC Delhi, MoMA Shanghai, ICC Tokyo and Media Art Biennale Seoul


Black & White

The Austrian artist LIA – one of the early pioneers of Software and Net Art – has been creating digital art, installations and sound works since 1995. Her works combine various traditions of drawing and painting with the aesthetic of digital images and algorithms. They are characterized by a minimalist quality, and by an affinity with conceptual art. In the five works that LIA created for the teletext art festival she uses the single pixel as basic building blocks. The images play on the one hand with the idea of algorithms, by varying the distances between lines and pixels following algorithmically defined patterns; and on the other hand with the intense contrast between black and white elements demanded by the limitations of the technology. In four of the five works the teletext “flash” command is used to provide a hierarchical order of the elements without using animation as such. A clear boundary is formed between the permanent (static) and impermanent (dynamic) elements; this boundary appears and disappears as the blinking effect plays out. If the entire image were always visible, ie if there was no blink effect, the dynamic elements would be lost amongst the static elements.

Raquel Meyers*

The journey of the sun


Youtube comments [on 920] ( My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic Littlest Pet Shop, Lights, Camera, Mongoose! Monster High TM, Invasion of the Ghoul Snatchers Die Schule der kleinen Vampire, Blut auf Raedern Winx, Mission at Cloudtower)

Behind UBERMORGEN (AT/CH/USA, b.1995) we can find one of the most unmatchable identities – controversial and iconoclastic – of the contemporary European techno-fine-art avant-garde. + Artists from FixC cooperative out of competition:

Juha van Ingen*

The Tale of Tomorrow

Seppo Renvall*

Finnish Architecture in Small Scale

Jarkko Räsänen*

: ( , FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, : /, Teletext nicht verfuegbar

– Special thanks to: Microtel a project created by Lektrolab, Matti Rämö, YLE, Finnish national broadcasting company, Katrin Rosalind Bucher Trantow, Kunsthaus Graz, Michaela Wimplinger, Ars Electronica Julia Gessl, ORF Teletext Frauke Languth, ARD Text



16.8.-16.9.2012 in ARD TEXT page > 770 + An exhibition in Pflüger68 Pflügerstrasse 68 12047 Berlin-Neuköln opening 16.8. 19.00 ->

Artists and works (* works and bio same as in ITAF2012 YLE):

Ashley Anderson*


Frederic Cambus*

Max Capacity*

Cordula Ditz

Kill TV

Aspects of the uncanny dominate many of Cordula Ditz’s work. Her installations include found footage and staged video works, paintings and industrial materials such as mirror glass or neon.She examines the theme of uncanniness using various methods as making use of the relationship between words and the feelings they can evoke.

Maria Duncker

Teletext as Fireplace

Teletext as Fireplace is a homage to all mind-warming artificial fires. Maria Duncker is a Helsinki based artist working with video, music, sculpture and performance.

Dan Farrimond*

Kathrin Günter

Star Shots

Kathrin Günter has been exploring extensively gossip, star behaviour and the phenomenon of paparazzi photography. Her recent researches and investigations focus on thought-o-graphic experiments, photo chemical processes, spirit photography and other invisible phenomena of the early twentieth century. The Teletext,- or rather Celebritext format adds yet another colourful playground to the infamous series “star shots”, which the artist has been continuously enjoying and elaborating since 1999. Throughout various media, formats and techniques “star shots” exposes the scandalous world of celebrity, self in-scene-ing and paparazzi photography.

Francis Hunger


Five equations on differently coloured backgrounds create a short circuit between usually independent topical fields. The viewer might especially enjoy these equations with the TV program running with sound and adding an additional topical layer.

Juha van Ingen*

Raquel Meyers*

Dave Needham*

Rich Oglesby*

Seppo Renvall*

Pirkko visiting Boltanski’s exhibition

Jarkko Räsänen*

Janne Suni*

Kari Yli-Annala*

Gerüchte und Lügen (Pinocchio-Kuckuck mash-up)

– The festival was made in collaboration with ARD Text. Special thanks to: Microtel a project created by Lektrolab, Matti Rämö YLE, Frauke Langguth ARD Teletext



Inspired by the 30st anniversary of Teletext in Finland FixC cooperative presented in collaboration with YLE Finnish National Public Broadcasting Company: THE INTERNATIONAL TELETEXT ART FESTIVAL ITAF The artworks were broadcasted on the YLE Teletext pages 525-545 from 8th March to 8th Aprill 2012.

The opening event was held at at XL Art Space with: Teletext art and music (music provided by BMTD63) + Guest star Yrjänä Sauros

The participating artists:

Frederic Cambus


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by type, fonts and printed materials. Growing up during the golden years of text terminals, PC’s 80×25 text mode displays, Dot Matrix printers, and French Minitel (using Videotex display, closely related to Teletext), I naturally became a text mode artist. After drawing ASCII and ANSI art for over fifteen years, I’ve been turning myself to Teletext, a media offering a similar manner of expression, only with a more global and broadened audience.

Ashley Anderson

Glass, Help, Miss Brand

My work springs from examining economies of representation in early video games through the prism of art theory, materials, process, and history. Given the wide on-line availability of archived visuals and emulation programs which allow image capturing, the video games of my childhood have acquired a new graphical accessibility. I transpose these digital relics into real objects through drawing, painting, and printmaking. The images I use were never intended to be realized as objects d’art, but I am doing just that.

Dan Farrimond

At Least I Don’t Have to Go to Work, Rob Hubbard Ain’t No Sound Monkey, Slacking, Roberto, Teletext Isn’t Dead

Dan Farrimond (Harry Yack) is a multimedia artist fascinated by retro technology and its associated aesthetics. As we enter the Internet Age, teletext as we know it is in the last throes of its operational life. How will it adapt, if at all, to a constantly shifting technological climate? Will the internet be its saviour, or will this final bastion of a bygone age be lost to the annals of time? If teletext is to go the way of video games arcades and audio cassettes, it certainly won’t be forgotten. It is the grandfather of 21st century computing with hundreds upon hundreds of tales to tell, all on a 40 ? 24 character grid.

Frederico Malaca


Frederico Malaca, 25 years, sound and image student. Portugal. The work concived for ITAF is the symbol from one of my projects, Televvision ( ). in this project i create small video and image pieces working with the tv medium.Teletext format it’s another tool to produce something releated with tv. Televvision It’s a experimental project about televison and audio/video glitch.

Raquel Meyers

Do you go where I go?

Raquel Meyers (Cartagena, 1977) works with low-res graphics and photography for performance, web, video and installations. Currently she works with storytelling in text mode (ascii, petscii, etc) together with Goto80. Lightrhythmvisuals released her collected works in 2010 on the DVD ?Useless, Yet Crucial?. It shows her characteristic mix of black humour, surreal imagery and low-res graphics. Meyers grew up with black and white photography, singing in grind core bands, selling books and watching disturbing movies. During her time in Entter (2000-2007) she developed a frenetic style that is still ?blowing minds (or causing seizures)? as Wired put it. There is little if any sentimality for old technologies. It is the brutalist way that fascinates her, noticeable in animation works such as The Emperor?s Snuff Box (2008) and the stop motion work Dodekafobia (2009). The frenetic brutalism culminated with Polybius (2010) that mimicked a sense deleting arcade game from the 1980s, and her solo A/V performanceError Holidays (2010). Since 2004 she has performed at VJ-festivals like Mapping and Cimatics, at 8bit events like Tokyo Blip Festival and the Playlist exhibition, aswell at Transmediale, LABoral and LEV Festival. She currently lives and works in Sweden.

Tuomo Kangasmaa

Vanikan palat

Vanikan palat are two flashing B/W graphics inspired by finnish Crisp bread. Tuomo Kangasmaa (born in 1965 in Kemi; lives and works in Oulu, Finland) studied experimental dance and theatre in Amsterdam. Kangasmaa has combined video and sound in his dance, performance art, and theatre performances. In recent years he has created video artworks and video installations, concentrating on traditional cinematic expression and on connecting performance and documentary material. In his aphoristic videos he pursues original, genuine feeling.

Max Capacity

Apezilla, City 3, Gun 1, Mountain, Skull 2 Max Capacity

suffers from a severe but well documented case of data-addiction, as well as a fetish for obsolete media and electronics. He currently lives and works on the outskirts of Silicon Valley, California, planning super-villain style revenge on the world.


Dive!, Visit Greece, Teletext love, Rick Perry said oops

During Swedish royal wedding in the summer of 2010 BYM made his first teletext art broadcast of cross stich instructions based on news photos. He is also a well known artist within the ANSI art scene ( BYM has elaborated a pixel art style which takes inspiration from the act of painting and retro computer gaming. His motifs consists mostly of improvised miniature sceneries.

Juha van Ingen

Transmission ‘

TRANSMISSION is the act of passing something on in to another place’ Wikipedia

Juha van Ingen is a Helsinki based visual artist working in various mediums including lo-tech web and video art.

Dave Needham

Deadmedia XIII, Teletext DCLXVI, SVCCVBVS X, Seance IV, Deadmedia XXI

Description: / designer / artist / illustrator / technologist DEADMEDIA : hauntology / brutalism / folklore / digital / analogue / pseudosatanism / modernism / english gothic cinema / obsolecense / superstition / kvlt / obscurantism PLATFORMS : ZX81 / ZX Spectrum / BBC Micro / Teletext / Diskbombs STATEMENT : These specific works in Teletext format came as a reaction to the end of Teletext broadcasting in the UK.

Rich Oglesby

Amelie, Lul, Maxtele, Rery, Topher

A collection of people who make the internet interesting for me … and Soundwave and Amelie …

Gabriel de la Cruz


Gabriel de la Cruz is an immigrant in Finland. He likes when people argue if what he does is art or not. Lately he has been interested in politics, corporate culture, and institutional analysis. He sometimes makes visual works but cares very little about it. He is proud to celebrate the death of teletex with you.

Jarkko Räsänen


Wolfram is a narrative about returning to nature, that is based on images generated with 2 dimensional game of life algorithms. Also a signal that was sent to outer space in 1970′s is included in the adventure. Jarkko Räsänen is a Berlin/Helsinki based media artist working with video, photography, sound installations and software design. He is interested in human machine interaction and in the concept of realism in relation to audiovisual media.

Kari Yli-Annala

DOLLARIPRINSESSA (Dollar princess)

I’m a moving image artist, researcher and nomadic teacher / lecturer. My work is based on automatic translation and the mistakes which are created in the process. The starting point is Bertolt Brecht?s song “Bilbao”‘s automatic Google-translation into Finnish. It ended up to be a dadaist text where you can still recognize some of the features of the original song. I included also the words “Guggenmusikia Helsinki” as a reference to the ongoing project where the mayor of Helsinki and the director of Helsinki City Art Museum want to bring Guggenheim museum to Helsinki, in order to reproduce so called “Bilbao effect”. Also this process is full of mistakes and problems in translating the aims of different players.

Guillermo Blanco

Guillermo “Dr. Vector” Blanco is an Amiga enthusiast, an italo disco legend and a gym chain owner from Rome, Italy.

Janne Suni

Mozart, Mr-T, Pipi, Ytytyty

Janne Suni is a time traveller from 1980, who is cocky enough to think he can squeeze something visually pleasing out of the archaic teletext format. Suni is most comfortable working with very limited fixed palettes consisting of conflicting colors. In the present time he plans to start a long and successful career in teletext graphics. “The road begins here. Teletext is the future”

Seppo Renvall


Seppo Renvall’s wide-ranging, multi-faceted production stands at the apex of the Finnish experimental moving image. In Renvall’s films personal material is often combined with a physical re-working of the properties of the film.

Erkka Nissinen


Erkka Nissinen (b. 1975 in Finland) has studied in The Slade School of Fine Art in London, Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Finland and Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. His works have been exhibited internationally, for example in Ellen de Bruijne Project Space in Amsterdam, Smart Projects Space in Amsterdam, Helsinki City Art Museum’s Kluuvin Gallery and 1646 in Den Haag. During 2011 Rotterdam Art Fair Erkka won acclaimed Illy Prize. Erkka is also the director of Handkerchief Production a creative studio and a fashion brand based in Hong Kong dedicated to interdisciplinary experiments in architecture, art and design.

Nathaniel Mellors

Nat 1

Mellors  studied at the University of Oxford’s Ruskin Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, the Royal College of Art and the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam. Mellors makes installations “packed with ad hoc sculpture, psychedelic theatre and absurdist, satirical film”. Mellors’ output includes installation, sculpture, film and video, music, performance, collage, painting, prints and critical writing. His work in the show Art Now: The Way in Which it Landed, curated by Ryan Gander at Tate Britain in 2008, was Thinking Rock Speaks, an empty speech bubble made of steel attached to a lump of alabaster. Jonathan Griffin in Frieze magazine said that Mellors “gets the last laugh … Sometimes there really is just nothing to say.”    ..Wikipedia



Special thanks to:

Microtel a project created by Lektrolab, XL art space / Indian Summer store, Matti Rämö YLE