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“Teletext is Art”


 ORF TELETEXT (from page 560) ARD Text (from page 830) and during Ars Electronica 2022 (07.09.-11.09.2022, Ars Electronica Center/Deep Space, Linz, Austria)


“Teletext is Art” is a multimodal exhibition experience dedicated to 7 bit teletext art. The artworks are presented on air in ORF TELETEXT and ARD text, online at the Museum of Teletext Art, on chain as NFTs on the Tezos blockchain, and in real life at the Ars Electronica Festival 2022.

The digital artworks will been contributed by the 15 international artists presented by TeleNFT, which, for the first time brought cryptoart into the teletext and teletext art onto the blockchain. The works question technological progress in times of crises …”

Curated by Max Haarich and Gleb Divov

Partricipating artists: Bloom Jr. (GER), Buzzlightning (GER), Gleb Divov (RUS/LIT), Christoph Faulhaber (GER), Max Haarich (GER), Juha van Ingen (FIN), Claudie Linke (GER), Kleintonno (GER), Nissla (AUT), Numo (GER), Quasimondo (GER), Jarkko Räsänen (FIN), Mamadou Sow (GER), sp4ce (GER) and tius (GER)


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Charity auction:

“The medium is the massage”


“The medium is the massage” is a 1/1 charity collaboration artwork by the 15 TeleNFT artists Bloom Jr., Buzz Lightning, Christoph Faulhaber, Claudie Linke, Gleb Divov, Jarkko Räsänen, Juha van Ingen, KleinTonno, Mamadou Sow, Max Haarich, Nissla, Numo, Quasimondo, sp4ce, and Tius.


The artwork merges all 15 original TeleNFT artworks into one infinite zapping loop. It pays homage to the media theorist Marshall McLuhan’s book title “The medium is the massage”, where a misspelling of “message” during layout lead to a wonderfully ambiguous wordplay with at least three relevant interpretations for TeleNFT: First of all, the colorfully blinking teletext aesthetics can be perceived as a massage to the human brain with no other purpose but to entertain your senses on a neural level. Secondly, the word could also refer to the mass age of communication, in which the reach of your messages increases but the attention for them decreases constantly. Finally, you could also hear the term “mess age” instead, as a critical comment on the various crises of our time addressed by the TeleNFT artists.


Just like the typing error in McLuhan’s title, also the TeleNFT artworks might appear like a fortunate accident in teletext unfolding new ways of perceiving the medium.


The TeleNFT artists were the first to bring crypto art into teletext and teletext art onto the blockchain. Starting from 11 January 22, all 15 collection pieces have been broadcasted on SAT.1 teletext pages 480 – 499 and were minted on Tezos and Arweave. Since June 2022, the collection has been advertised with the first ever German TV commercial for NFTs. All 15 TeleNFT pieces have been added to the permanent collection of MUTA, Museum of Teletext Art, as well as the Austrian Museum Francisco Carolinum, and have been exhibited in OÖ Landeskultur’s digital space.


80% of the proceeds from primary and secondary sales will be donated to the Tezos art initiative to help Ukraine. More info about this purely non-military support initiative for the arts sector can be found here:


The start of the auction will be announced on Twitter via @TeleNFT

To the auction:


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MUseum of Teletext Art, MUTA collaborates with :



The medium is the massage. Fully on-chain teletext art minted on Arweave and broadcasted on SAT.1 teletext. + A charity auction of 1/1 full set of artworks to support Plant-For-The-Planet.

Artists: Bloom Jr, Buzzlightning,Christoph Faulhaber, Claudie Linke, Gleb Divov, Jarkko Räsänen, Juha van Ingen, KleinTonno, Mamadou Sow, Max Haarich, Nissla, Numo, Quasimondo, sp4ce, tius.

The art exhibition “TeleNFT” questions technological progress in the context of economic and environmental crises. How much time is left? Is technology the salvation? Is art the threat? Our 15 internationally renowned digital artists address these questions with innovative teletext artworks. With only 78×69 pixels, they present motifs ranging from hand-drawn animals to computer-generated patterns. These works immortalized on the blockchain document our zeitgeist, sometimes ironically resigned, sometimes uninhibitedly euphoric, but united in one conviction – now it’s up to us.

Max Haarich & Gleb Divov


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