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International Teletext Art Festival ITAF2015

13th  August-13th September 2015 in  ARD Text, ORF TELETEXT, SWISS Text and arte Teletext

Since it was launched by the Helsinki based FixC cooperative in 2012 the International Teletext Art Festival ITAF has been enjoyed by over 2 million people in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Finland. The idea of the festival is to explore the creative aspects of teletext by inviting artists to create art works in teletext format and to broadcast the results to the public.

Teletext was originally launched by the BBC in 1973 (known as Ceefax) and is a means of sending text and simple geometric shapes to a properly equipped television screen by use of one of the “vertical blanking interval” lines that together form the dark band dividing pictures horizontally on the television screen.  A teletext page can be perceived as a grid of 24 rows and 40 columns and can have up to 6 colors + black and white.  Teletext is a basic and a very economical way of broadcasting information and though it ceased to exist in UK  it has survived in many countries and is still used by millions of people daily.


This year the focus is on the fact, that the festival actually happens when ever a ITAF teletextpage is viewed. ARD Text, ORF TELETEXT, SWISS Text and arte Teletext broadcast teletext to millions of homes in Europe making ITAF one of the biggest media art events in the world.

To visit the festival all you need to do is turn on your TV-set, select the channel broadcasting ITAF, dial the festival teletext page number and lean back and explore the artworks.  To get into real festival mode invite your friends, dress up teletext style or cook a teletext dinner and enjoy.

The 15 artists/artist groups featured in the 2015 festival who are also competing for the Teletext Art Prize are: Bakketun & Norum (NO), Christina Kramer (DE), Emilie Gervais (FR), Holger Lippmann (DE), Ian Gouldstone (US), Karin Ferrari(AT), MadAsHell (US),  Maria Lavman Vetö (SE), Matthias Moos (CH), Max Capacity (US), Paula Lehtonen (FI), Ryo Ikeshiro (JP), Bernhard Garnicnig & Lukas Heistinger (AT), Rich Oglesby (GB) and Rainer Kohlberger (AT).

The 2015 Teletext Art Prize jury members are: last years winner Dan Farrimond (GB), artist Raquel Meyers (ES) and curator and art historian Pontus Kyander (SE).

The teletext page numbers and  more information on participating artists is available on line on this site from 13th August.

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