Museum Of Teletext Art, MUTA

The Museum of Teletext Art MUTA

The Teletext Art Festival ITAF has been viewed by over 3 million people since it was started in 2012. In order to show the artworks beyond the festivals and to create a platform for showing teletext-art on a more regular basis, FixC cooperative launched in 2014 in collaboration with Yleisradio, Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE, a museum of teletext-art MUTA. The purpose of MUTA is to broadcast teletext-art, document teletext-art, archive teletext-art in VILKE art collection and to make it available for studies and research. MUTA is broadcasted on YLE teletext page: 805.


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Museum of Teletext Art, MUTA collaborates with

YLE Teletext in:

Teletext Art 2020, TART2020

25.2.-25.4.2020 in YLE Teletext from page 820 TART2020 is showcasing artworks from 11 international artists specifically created for the Teletext medium. The works of Nadine Arbeiter (Germany), Cordula Ditz (Germany), Daniel Egg (Austria), Dan Farrimond (Great Britain), Juha van Ingen (Finland), Kathrin Günter (Germany), Raquel Meyers (Spain), Matthias Moos (Switzerland), Niccolò Moronato (Italy), Jarkko Räsänen (Finland) and Seppo Renvall (Finland) show a wide variety of different approaches and implementations for teletext art.

The artworks of TART2020 have been first exhibited in the teletext exhibition “ORF TELETEXT meets art” resp. “ARD Text meets art”, a cooperation between ORF TELETEXT, ARD Text and the artists’ cooperative FixC, August 29th to September 19th 2019 in ORF TELETEXT and in ARD Text . The artworks have also been presented in Ars Electronica Festival Out of the Box – the Midlife Crisis of the Digital Revolution, Linz, 5.9.-9.9.2019.

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The opening of TART2020 is on Tuesday 25th Feb. 18-19.30 at Bar Bronco Hämeentie 23 00500 Helsinki WELCOME!

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MUTA in L’ unique

2 November – 17 December 2017 Works from MUTA Museum of Teletext Art collection are presented in L’ unique. L’ unique is an art center based in Caen in Normandy.  It produces various exhibition in the urban public space including a dissemination project of digital works in a shop window of the city. Participating artists: Ryo Ikeshiro Bakketun & Norum Jarkko Räsänen Juha van Ingen Kathrin Günter Dragan Espenchield Max Capacity Maria Lavman Vetö Ian Gouldstone Paula Lehtonen L’UNIQUE 4 rue Caponière 14000 CAEN

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In 2016 The Museum of Teletext Art was hosted for one year in ARD text. ARD will broadcasted a monthly changing teletext-artwork on page 883. The first work broadcasted was  the iconic “Lucky Cat” by Dragan Espenchied!