Mario Klingemann/Quasimondo (DE)

The artist Mario Klingemann/Quasimondo is exploring the question of how advances in information technology are changing our lives, our perception and our behavior for decades. Artificial intelligence and algorithms are his tools, data of all kinds his working material.

His work has been shown worldwide, including at the Center Pompidou, the Hermitage, the Barbican, the ZKM and at Ars Electronica.

Name of Series: Embroidery 3.0
Titles of Works:
Morning Glory

In his series “Embroidery 3.0″, Mario Klingemann plays with the tradition of cross-stitching, which, along with mosaic art, is one of the earliest precursors of pixel art.

With a twinkle in his eye, he mixes classic cross-stitch fonts with emoticons and transforms the traditionally religious or “home sweet home”-tinged themes into the world of social media or crypto communities.


Web: www.quasimondo.com