tius (DE)

Tius grew up with punch tape readers, large floppy disk drives and soldering irons. For more than four decades, he and his companies have been developing and operating highly available systems for a wide range of clients in the media industry.
In collaboration with various artists, he also develops creative customised technical solutions to enable new forms of expression.
In his own artistic work, Tius deals with various elementary philosophical and social questions, such as the nature of reality, aspects of perception, transience and human identity. In doing so, he often consciously uses the limited possibilities of historical systems as a form of expression.
Name of series: “fragile existences”

Title of works:
My mind is going
Tears in the rain

The works for the exhibition “Teletext is Art” once again address fundamental questions of human existence. For this purpose, iconic quotes from fictitious artificial intelligences were placed in a new context and at the same time a reference to the associated figures was created with minimal creative means.


Web: tius.org