Holger Lippmann

Painter and sculptor Holger Lippmann  b.1960 Mittweida, Germany. After his studies for sculpture at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts  and a 2 year masterstudentship, he received a fellowship at the The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design  and later in 1991, at the Institute des Hautes Études en Arts Plastiques  in Paris.

In the early 90s Lippmann got interested in using computers for making art. He made his first  animations and interactive applications after an internship at the computer art department of the New York Institute of Technology (1992-93) and a further education for screendesign at the cimdata Institute, Berlin (1997-98). In 1997 Lippmann won the Cynetart CD Rom award in Dresden. In the late 90s he developed web applications including an online VJ tool (which got over half a million visits in one month). With his dynamically programmed application “Minimal Garden” Lippmann participated, for example in the TodaysArt festival in Den Haag and the CTM festival in Berlin.

In the past 5 years Lippmann has concentrated in his “generative painting”. artists website