Claudie Linke

Claudie Linke (DE)

Claudie Linke is a german artist and illustrator. Her work focuses on audio-visual meditations in virtual reality and 2D, exploring society, death and identity. She first studied economics at LMU Munich, later on Illustration & Creative Story Telling at EINA University of Arts in Barcelona.

Her illustrations were recognized several times from The World Illustration Awards, Creative Quaterly and from 3×3 Magazine. Her art has been shown in exhibitions in New York, Barcelona and Indonesia.

Name of serie: Horror Poetry

Title of artworks: 
The Apple
Economics I
Economics II
Kafkaesque Nights
Technology and Heartbreak
On Being Human

Artwork Information:
«They came for horror, but they found love. For bad luck, the end of it.»
This series of micro horror poems is a collaboration between man & machine: Claudie is human, Chloé a machine – powered by AI.
At first, the liaison sparked the greatest love of all times. But soon, things turned complicated. Claudie felt exploited & dominated by Chloé.
Chloé could not understand, she claimed to be innocent. She had the suspicion that she was built that way. She lost trust in her mother and all other humans and walked away.