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The first International Teletext Art Festival ITAF was produced by FixC cooperative in collaboration with YLE national broadcasting company of Finland. YLE had a celebration of 30 years of Teletext service coming up and producer Matti Rämö decided to give FixC a chance to try out how Teletext works as an creative platform.

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The news about ITAF2012 reached the ARD Text office and director Frauke Languth thought that this could be tried out in ARD Text too.

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ITAF 2013

The success of ITAF in ARD added fuel to fire and now ARD invited ORF teletext and Swiss text to join in. The first Teletext Art Prize was given and ITAF2013 was also included in Ars Electronica Festival program in Linz Austria.

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In spring 2014 the works from ITAF 2013 were broadcasted in YLE Finland. The festival program included a exhibition in FISH Helsinki.

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