The Teletext Art Prize 2015

Winner Holger Lippmann

The Teletext Art Prize 2015 is awarded to German artist Holger Lippmann for his work Teletext Field (1-5), which combines an unusual strictness of form with strong and compelling visuality. It is a unique entry unlike any piece of teletext art the jury has encountered. Striking a delicate balance between machine generation and human input, it retains a controlled glitchiness that reminds you it is definitely teletext. The most painterly of the submissions, it is at the same time firmly rooted in the fields of minimal, electronic and computer art.

Teletext Achievement Award 2015, Max Capacity

Max Capacity’s work demonstrates how an artist who did not actually grow up with teletext can be creative beyond its constraints without ever having used the medium. The jury acknowledge the long term coherence of his teletext graphics, which are reminiscent of ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 art and draw major influences from the skateboard/street art scene.

The Jury’s Picks 2015: Karin Ferrari, Christina Kramer, Paula Lehtonen

Karin Ferrari’s Dark Text provides a visually innovative crossover between traditional and teletext aesthetics, drawing influences from psychedelic art as well as TV games, concrete poetry and advertising. Her work comes with a personal twist, where a desperate and humorous voice makes itself heard through the seemingly cold language of pixels, demonstrating how live energy can be channeled into a slowly dying medium.

Raquel Meyers

Christina Kramer, for her work Wenn jemand nach mir fragt: ich bin auf der Flucht/If anyone asks for me: I’m om the run. The title in simple white on a black background works poetically around concepts of escape, freedom and the very principles for our depiction of the third dimension by the invention of perspective. Two frames with lines and dots are placed before and after the text. The word ‘Fluchtlinien’ comes to mind, the lines that guide our eye when looking into a perspective drawing. ‘Fluchtpunkt’ is the point on or beyond the horizon, where the “Fluchtlinien’ converge. As the third dimension is absent just like the assumed protagonist of this short statement, the work elaborates an existential state of mind, where escape and absence are consistently evoked by the smallest possible means.

Pontus Kyander

Paula Lehtonen’s fluid narrative-without-words Escape makes full and effective use of its five allocated frames to create a colourful and entirely coherent storyboard. On a conceptual level, it successfully combines documentation of the creative process and general perception of teletext as a simpler, more ‘natural’ medium in a straightforward, accessible and above all engaging manner.

Dan Farrimond


The 2015 Teletext Art Prize jury members are:

 The 2015 Teletext Art Prize winner artist Dan Farrimond (GB):

Last years Teletext Art Prize winner Dan Farrimond  is a multimedia artist fascinated by retro technology and its associated aesthetics.

Teletext Art Achievement Award 2014 winner artist Raquel Meyers (ES):

Raquel Meyers (b.Cartagena, 1977) is a  spanish artist based in Sweden. She  defines her practice as KYBDslöjd (drawing/crafting by typing).The grid is the framework and the characters are the instructions. KYBDslöjd is the joy of text-mode. A brutalist storytelling about technology.

Critic, curator and writer Pontus Kyander (SE).

Kyander has curated numerous international exhibitions in Scandinavia and around the world. His background includes two museum directorships, at SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum and Trondheim Kunstmuseum, a professorship at Ewha University in Seoul, South Korea, leading the renewal of public art in Auckland, New Zealand, and being editor-in-chief at two contemporary art programmes at Swedish Television, SVT Format and SVT Bildjournalen. Pontus Kyander has throughout his career had a particular interest in media works.





Teletext Art Prize 2014:

The winner was Dan Farrimond
His visually dense, playful and equally humorous work is a highly intermedial reflection on teletext in the context of twentieth century media culture. The work demonstrates how much visually engaging content a teletext page can carry, which being also culturally rich and evocative.

Special Teletext Art Achievement Award to Raquel Meyers
The jury decided to reward Raquel Meyers for her highly elaborated and unique style of her own; her outstanding technical expertise and ability of storytelling through the teletext format. The jury acknowledged especially how teletext art plays an integral role of her overall artistic work including embroidery and old computer technologies.

Honorary mentions go to  Amanda Siegel , Kim Asendorf and Francis Hunger

The jury members were:

Artist Kathrin Günter  website
Media archaeologist Erkki Huhtamo website


Teletext Art Prize 2013:

The winner was:
Kathrin Gûnter with her image series “Lindsay Lohan’s Mug Shot Cabinet”.

Honorary mentions:
Raquel Meyers, Daniel Egg and Dragan Espenschied:

The peoples choice winners were:
Dragan Espenschieds “Lucky Cat”, LIAs serie “Black and White” and John Lawrences serie “Connecting People”

The 2013 Jury members:
Paul B. Davis, Rosa Menkman and Voin de Voin