Niccolò Moronato

Niccolò Moronato’s works often intervene in semi-public spaces or on forsaken mass communication media, re-activating them for artistic purposes.

They discreetly invite the audience to perform everyday behaviors in paradoxical situations, experiencing a shift in perspective and letting emerge the contradictions within the things we take for granted, put aside, or forget while we’re busy living.

OOOroskop (original title OOOroscope) is an elective, introspective horoscope based on potential constellations visible from the “other side of the sky”. They are drawn upon the stars we would see if we were standing on Trappist – 1e, a planet 40 light years away from us and said to be very likely to be hosting life. OOOroscope is part of a larger, multi-medium artistic project called Firmament, which began thanks to the collaboration of Chicago’s Adler Planetarium, which provided the artist with the first-ever view of the sky from another planet, from which our constellations don’t make sense anymore (assuming they ever did).

This work was originally broadcast in its longer form on RAI’s national teletext frequencies from January to April 2019, and it includes a visual narrative of the genesis and characteristic of these imaginary – yet plausible – constellations.

Original drawings and text by Niccolò Moronato, graphics by Marcelo Vendramel, and German adaptation developed with Jana Knaur.

instagram: @niccolomoronato