UBERMORGEN.COM is a Swiss-Austrian-American artist duo founded in 1995 and consisting of lizvlx and Hans Bernhard. They live and work in Vienna, Basel and S-chanf near St. Moritz in the alpine Engadina valley in Switzerland.

Title of sequence:
Good Anus (Breitbart Red), Teletext Installation, 2019

Pure, superior Type-A people don’t simply exist to survive. We constantly have the urge to move ahead, we need to go up, achieve and conquer. The human body is as manipulable as a computer. When a Type-A is in control of his biology, he is in control of his mind. He will get that extra edge and enjoy absolute mental clarity.

Alpha males bioengineer flesh into a holistic combat ready killer machine, competitive anytime and at all levels. The quantified feedback of neo-aesthetic technology helps us stabilize our insulin levels, maximize our protein synthesis & enhance our overall capacities. Alphas embrace their obsessive desire to be excellent and easily subdue to their iron will.

The current state of reality favours a culture of peak performance, transhumanism and accelerationism. Leaders never follow. We evolve supremacy and connect through aesthetics and national ideology.

Web: http://breitbart.red