Juha van Ingen utilizes various mediums in his works ranging from objects and spaces to moving image and sound. Van Ingen’s AS Long As Possible, ASLAP, a 1000-year GIF loop (2015) is one of the key artworks defining our digital era to the future generations. Van Ingen is also the founding member of FixC cooperative which started the teletext art fever of the Internet age by launching The International Teletext Art Festival in 2012.

Web: www.juhavaningen.com

The artwork:

Juha van Ingen’s The Contract, is a part of an ongoing series of works where the viewers make an instant deal with the artist. The familiar formula, so often used by greedy corporate giants, is this time harnessed to serve the noble cause of art in teletext style.

“The Contract”, 6 images, .TTV-files, © 2019 Juha van Ingen