Dan Farrimond

Dan Farrimond is a multimedia artist from the United Kingdom. It wasn’t until 1998, when he first travelled via aeroplane, that he discovered the country wasn’t actually made up of blocky pixels as shown on the teletext weather map. Ironically, that holiday was also booked on teletext.

In an attempt to right this wrong, he adopted a new (or should that be old?) genre – analogue teletext art. To this day, he is still searching for the perfectly cubical rock to build a blocky Britain.

Web: http://danfarrimond.co.uk/


If there were a button to turn off all the world’s televisions, would you press it? Would you plunge society back into the Dark Ages, creating a dystopian future fuelled by seas of butter, or would you herald a new era of zombie teletext?

Titles of works:

  • TV Shutdown
  • Shockrates
  • RIP Teletext
  • Bert The Sheep
  • Buttersea Power Plus
  • Summerbot