Nissla (AT)

“I love pixels!”

Bernhard Nessler a.k.a. Nissla is a digital artist from Vienna and member of the artist collective CryptoWiener. Fascinated by new technologies, he explores the blockchain and the metaverse – between glitches and pixels.

The current group exhibition “Pixels by CryptoWiener”, runs from 25.08.22 to 26.02.23 at the Offenes Kulturhaus (OK) in Linz. The exhibition invites its visitors to jump from the real exhibition space in the OK into the metaverse and explore the colorful pixel world of CryptoWiener up close. Drop by and get to know the blockchain and “Little Vienna” in the Metaverse!

For the exhibition “Teletext ist Kunst”, Nissla brought the CryptoWiener onto Teletext and used a QR code to build a bridge to Voxels, a metaverse in pixel style. After scanning the QR code, a new world awaits you, full of new technologies in which digital spaces are created. Get your digital “Bussi” or toast with a virtual beer when it’s time to say “Prost, Servus!” (“Cheers, Hello!”). Because everyone is welcome in the Metaverse, no matter what he or she looks like or where he or she comes from.   

Title of works:
Prost, Servus