Max Haarich

Max Haarich (DE)

Max Haarich (he/his) is a conceptual artist and artistic researcher on the topics of Artificial Intelligence, NFT, and the metaverse. As Munich’s ambassador of the artist republic Užupis, he creates artworks and installations to build bridges between arts and tech. Max Haarich is the initiator of cryptoart projects like “TeleNFT”, “GIF-Studies”, and “7bit movements”. His works have been covered by magazines like US Playboy and have been exhibited by museums like Francisco Carolinum.

Max Haarich’s works aim to challenge current paradigms and inspire for new perspectives on societies and technological progress.

Artwork names:
Urinal 3
Healthy Inflation
Money don’t matter tonight
War Heroes

“Urinal 3″ addresses the relation between universes and metaverses. The grid model of a urinal appears to be floating above a plane. Does it cast a shadow on the ground or is it leaving behind the burnt ashes of reality?

“Healthy  Inflation” reveals the absurdity of our financial system since its decoupling from gold: it shows how all our savings inevitably become worthless. However, most people believe that the volatility of crypto currencies is a bad thing while constant devaluation of capital and labor through “healthy inflation” is good.

“Money don’t matter tonight” offers the Republic of Užupis’ simple solution to the greed of people, which causes ubiquitious inequality and exploitation: a hole in the hand. Nobody could hoard money anymore if it would fall right through the hole in your hand.

“War heroes” is an attack on the ongoing propaganda. Suddenly, young people can become heros again by killing brothers and sisters for lines on a map. At the same time, making friends with your country’s enemy is punished with prison. How could we ever allow someone to treat us like that?