Gleb Divov (LT/RU) – inventor, visioner, creative technologist:

  • NFT pioneer and OG CryptoArtist, Creative AI pioneer.
  • Active trans-disciplinary immersive artist with selected works in the permanent collection of real-world modern art museums.
  • Composer, multi-instrumentalist.
  • Show business professional, IT professional and serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience.
  • Visioner and Founder of the leading private CultureTech ecosystem in Baltics/EU – FAYR Ecosystem –
  • International curator: Bill Drummond’s (The KLF) The Curfew Tower, Northern Ireland; Carbon Art Residency, Kyiv, Ukraine; Angular VR Gallery, Paris, France; Multiverse Gallery Network, Europe.
  • Educator, Organizer, Producer and active member of the global Music/Art/Cultural communities.
  • Artistic Creator of the Republic of Lithuania (status granted by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania).
  • His Excellency Mr. Gleb Divov — Minister of culture and innovations of the world’s most innovative micronation with international recognition — independent Republic of Užupis, Lithuania.


“Your POW-POW conses don’t sound me steer, won’t pick it up, i’m BLOCKCHAINQUEER”.
Don’t feed me your sats, it won’t make me stay, ’cause i breast the current on your mintway.

Liberty is out there
Choose your view: sight or field-glass.

Defrosting cable
We’re all connected with much more strong hawser than one could  ever imagine.
It takes time to heat up the frozen cable monolith.
The link between people should be warm.

Kaunas 2022
The way through to.

Another Webb, Another Space
Let’s be honest. What other energy could create universes?