Christoph Faulhaber

Christoph Faulhaber (DE)

Christoph Faulhaber is a conceptual artist, filmmaker, author and performer. He was the founding director of the Theater Pößneck and the Kunsthalle Schaumburg. With the company Protostyle Pictures he produces semi-documentary, artistic-investigative films. His performance “Mister Security”, which shows him as a security guard in front of American embassies and for which he has been on the US Terror Watch list since 2005, gained international attention. In 2015, his version of “Phantom of the Opera” premiered on an open-air stage in front of and above the still-occupied Rote Flora in Hamburg.

Title of the series: Real Pictures – Bilder der Wirklichkeit

Title of works:

Moon Landing (1969)
Charles & Diana (1981)
Challenger (1986)
Fall of the Berlin Wall (1989)
September 11th (2001)
Wetten Dass (2010)

Dealing with teletext always leads back to television itself. The limited possibilities of teletext also reflect the now outdated aura of television. The work “Real Pictures” shows moments that have written TV history in one way or another. Images that were transmitted in real time and thus reached a worldwide audience at the same time. Images of a collective experience of simultaneity. It seems as if this era, the history of live television, has just come to an end in the stream of digitality, internet and social media.